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CHAI 5, a group of lively twentysomethings bursts into song in an energetic program of harmony and dance, turning cartwheels and filling the stage with exuberant and exciting song. The word "chai" means life in Hebrew, and symbolizes good luck. CHAI 5's lively performances define that concept. The group's enthusiasm and exciting musical beats bring the best of contemporary music and Jewish content to multi-generational audiences CHAI 5 sings most of its songs in Hebrew or English providing the perfect mix of contemporary music with lyrics based in traditional Jewish sources. The band's unique mix guarantees a rocking celebration filled with not only with Jewish "flavor" but also with true Jewish content.

While the group's initial success was on the concert stage, on the Day school and shul circuit, CHAI 5 offers a contemporary repertoire of Jewish, Israeli and American that elevates every Jewish celebration. With is multi generational appeal and high energy content, the band brings young and old to their feet with its spirited performances Formed in New York City, and produced and managed by Israeli singing star Benji Rafaeli, the energetic Israeli-American vocal quintet includes Kobi, Jason, Gil, Ariel, and Benji. Singing music that runs the
gamete from hip hop to soft rock, from salsa to warm and emotional ballads, the boys bring additional excitement to their performance with stylized, dynamic choreography. The well choreographed dance numbers accentuate the vocals. The group has been favorably compared to the" backstreet boys" and NSYNC.

CHAI 5 sings songs with universal appeal, presenting a positive message that emphasizes traditional values and hopes for a peaceful world. The band appeared on IDT's exciting float in the Salute to Israel Parade June 1, 2003. With CHAI 50s premier album appearing is now on store throughout the country, the group's popularity is skyrocketing.

CHAI 5 Releases Upbeat Second Album, UNITED
Under the direction of Benji Rafaeli, the internationally applauded composer and singing star, an international group of guys came together and created CHAI 5, The Jewish Boy Band. Each one brings his individual talent, contributing bright rhythm and enthusiastic dance to the lively musical presentations.:
CHAI, the Hebrew word for "life" (and colloquially, "luck" from the numerical value of its letters, 18, describes the group's lively performance perfectly. Each member of CHAI 5 is a talented performer in his own right; together, they are a musical phenomena. Their excitement, their energy bring the bring Benji's traditionally reflective lyrics to "life" and carry audiences to enthusiastic enjoyment. The high-energy, acrobatic dance that accompanies each very special melodies is, much to the pleasure of the parents who often join the community audiences, appropriate for every group.

BARCHENU, CHAI 5's first album released in June, 2003, became one of the most popular albums in the ethnic group market and changed the world of Jewish popular music. The group introduces its signature song Yevdu, a syncopated melody that catches the ears of their fans, and never falls to lift audiences from their chairs into rhythmic swing. "A Better World," written to celebrate United Nations Children's Day, was included in the album. Following the success of BARCHENU. CHAI 5 toured throughout the Northeast. Recently, the group went back into the studio to create UNITED, its new album released just as 2003 closed.
CHAI 5 is developing its persona in concerts and school throughout the northeast. When the boys returned to the studio to create the "UNITED" album, they ventured into an untraditional musical base and worked to create an album unlike anything any other Jewish group had ever done. This second album presents songs with a wide range of musical styles: Reggae, with a Jewish beat, R & B that remembers is Jewish roots, swing with a Jewish sweep, Jewish "soul" music, and, of course, the classic melodies the echo Benji's traditional tunes. The varied music supports lyrics that reflect traditional prayer and Jewish literature.

Kobi, one of the founding voices of CHAI 5, is the group's main choreographer. His strong movement concepts captivate audiences with exciting beats and movement, always keeping the group's mission - to bring together traditionally based lyrics with the best of contemporary music - close at hand. Benji's insightful lyrics, developed with Jewish history and literature in mind, are ageless, and speak to the universal heart of the Jewish people.

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  1. Barchenu
  2. Ivdu
  3. Chasdai
  4. Shema Israel
  5. A Better World
  6. Show Me
  7. Israel
  8. Hoshiya
  9. Shalom Alechem
  10. Give Me Peace
  11. Shiru Lehashem
  1. Baruch Ata
  2. Modeh Ani
  3. Chazak
  4. Av Harachaman
  5. Al 3 Devarim
  6. Am Israel Chai
  7. United
  8. Thank you
  9. Get Up and Pray
  10. Send Us A Sign
  11. Sim Shalom
  12. Shiru Lehashem






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